Top – 7 FACTS ABOUT GLYPHOSATE: What You Need To Know When Living With Lyme Disease


I know that I have mentioned the need for eating organic foods in the past, however after recent lectures with new information regarding glyphosate, it is really not an option to eat to commercially produced foods at home. If you living with Lyme disease, co-infections, mold sickness and autoimmune diseases, this matters greatly as the body is already burdened with excessive toxins from infections (and all the other chemicals we live with today.)

I am realistic. If I travel or eat out at a restaurant with friends, I will be eating commercial foods that have been sprayed many times with the best-selling poisonous weed killer called RoundUp™. However, I do not eat out a lot, and during the day I choose organic, free-range food stores in midtown NYC. Why? Besides hormones and antibiotics in foods, the excessive use of pesticides, especially glyphosate, is a big concern of mine.

      Eat Organic!

A company called Monsanto, which has recently merged with a pharmaceutical company, produces this toxic pesticide ‘soup’. Foods are spread multiple times, especially commercially-farmed soybeans. Traces are found in foods, water, topsoil, breast milk, and human urine way above safe limits set by regulators. A test by the lab, Great Plains, can check your glyphosate levels. (I have done this test myself and am working on detox daily.)

Besides cancers, it contributes to a leaky gut, opening the door for autoimmune disorders including crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Glyphosate has also been implicated in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Currently there are roughly 280 lawsuits pending against Monsanto.

International Status & Glyphosate 

Glyphosate is listed as a “probably carcinogenic to humans” by the WHO, World Health Organization. It causes a heck of a lot more problems besides cancers, and that is bad enough already! Safety – testing was minimal and stopped before (the company knew of this) cancerous tumors would grow. Several international agencies have come to the opposite conclusions. Many countries around the world do not allow glyphosate to be sprayed on their crops incl. The Netherlands, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, and more countries will follow.

This pesticide kills plants unless they are bio-engineered GMO plants. Weeds are coming more resistant, and thus more sprayings are required. This impacts the ecology of the soil, birds and bees that also get poisoned.

Pesticide-Free : Avoid glyphosate from commercial produce

Glyphosate: In Europe?

At the end of 2017, Germany put in the deciding vote in favor of glyphosate. So for the next five years, Monsanto will have a free reign. It was a heated debate, with France and Brussels very much against this decision. Germany had abstained in prior meetings. It is worth noting that China now has the greatest use of RoundUp.™




Top – 7 Reasons why to avoid commercial crops with glyphosate

1.Increased Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity & Auto-immune Diseases?

This pesticide is greatly implicated with the rapid increased in Celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. Why? Glyphosate is sprayed on wheat crops three weeks before the harvest. It makes it easier for the harvesting process. If you have been on antibiotics with Lyme disease, your gut might already be compromised. Gluten will increase zonulin release, increasing a predisposition to a “leaky gut.” It can also affect muscles in the gut, impacting motility. Slow or too fast transit can be associated with development of SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and chronic constipation.

2. Increased Autoimmune Diseases 

Many new inflammatory diseases have appeared since the introduction of glyphosate, including a big rise in auto-immune diseases, leaky-gut syndrome with food sensitivities, and histamine-related health troubles (including mast cell disorder that is a new frontier and complicated to get under control).

3. Glyphosate and Vaccines?

More scientific findings have come out recently, and it is alarming how disruptive this pesticide functions in our body. Vaccines are also contaminated with glyphosate and it must be considered with the great increase in children’s challenges with problematic neuro-development, immune dysregulation and gastric dysfunction. A big spokesperson on this matter is Dr. Stephanie Seneff. She is terrific and I had the good fortune to meet her in person at a recent conference. Boy, she talks fast!

4. Glyphosate: Endocrine disrupter & Estrogen – Fuelled Cancer?

This chemical disrupts hormonal balance in animals, fish…and our bodies. Scientific studies show that glyphosate exhibits estrogen-mimicking properties. This will also adversely affect testosterone production in men. affecting sperm counts and breast cancers in men. Today estrogen-dominance is a growing concern among children, teenagers, and adults. It is also implicated in reproductive cancers involving estrogen-sensitive cancers. It remains to be seen if this is contributing to estrogen-induced changes at chromosomal level.

5. Glyphosate kills bifidia bacteria in our gut.

These are an important part of our health-supporting gut flora. Low levels are implicated with weakened immune function and allergic responses of any kind. In the gut, glyphosate also induces overgrowth of a bacterium called clostridia. This matters with mood disorders, psychiatric symptoms connected with increased excito-toxic glutamate, epilepsy, neurological symptoms, and Autism-spectrum disorder.

6. In our body, it affects our protein metabolism.

It displaces an important amino acid in our protein structure, called glycine. Glycine is needed for many processes including detoxification, liver function, bone health, digestive enzymes. It depletes our bodies of manganese, an important trace mineral needed for the body’s clearance of toxic substances. Glyphosate toxicity is real, especially of those living in agriculturally-active areas in the USA. It can worsen neurological symptoms that are associated with Lyme disease and Bartonella. This also matters especially with Autism – spectrum related concerns.

7. An increase joint inflammation

Glyphosate prevents healing because of the disruption in collagen production and glycine metabolism within the joints. It also affects bone remodeling, as glyphosate is stored in the bones where it disrupts collagen synthesis, i.e. repair and growth of new bone. This must be considered in children, and adults with early-developing osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Wrapping Up:

More than ever it is imperative to organic foods. To maintain optimal detox pathways in the body against this ongoing chemical onslaught in food, drinking resources and air pollution, do choose Farmer’s Markets, CSA’s, and the organic foods aisle. Increase cruciferous, brassica, ginger, parsley, cilantro, berries, acai, healthy oils and fats, pasture raised foods, wild fish, and dark leafy greens in your daily diet. These foods are anti-inflammatory and help your body to get rid of toxic chemicals.

If you are suffering with glyphosate toxicity and Lyme disease, contact me to discuss your needs.

 Rika Keck

NY Integrated Health

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