Bartonella- The Beast!

Bartonella quintana and Bartonella henselae are two strains of a tenacious infection that are very misunderstood: Bartonella quintana is known in relationship to Trench Fever widespread among soldiers in World War 1 and 2. Bartonella henselae is known in context with an infections also known as Cat Scratch Fever, it can be transmitted from a Continue reading

Ticks....Lyme disease and co-infections.

2021 Upcoming virtual presentations: HOW TO PREVENT LYME DISEASE in conjunction with the Global Lyme Alliance Ambassador Program.

February 9: Pomeraug Valley Garden Club, Woodbury, CT March 18: John Jermain Library, Sag Harbor, LI March 25: New Milford Library, CT March 30: Camden Library, Maine


With Lyme disease and co-infections, certain infections directly target the brain. The inflammatory process, including build of toxins and fluid disrupt regular brain function. Babies and children can be diagnosed with Autism (now 1:45 are diagnosed with Autism) or Spectrum-related disorders. Yet their brain is infected and inflamed inducing personality, behavioral, executive and cognitive changes. Continue reading

Lyme & Genetics, Skin Problems, Allergies, Mood Disorders, Detoxification Challlenges

When it comes to allergies or other respiratory ailments, adrenal and liver function must always be considered as they are connected like a triangle, beside food sensitivities, which can also be in the mix with persistent Lyme disease. Regarding liver detoxification, there is a specific process that can play a role in an inability to Continue reading