Many thinks ticks only transmit Lyme disease. That is a MYTH. For instance , in the NE, Babesiosis is roughly 50% transmitted with Borrelia burgdorferi infections. The Powassan virus is another concern as it can be deadly if one is immune-compromised. There is no real treatment and hospitalization is essential early to try to survive Continue reading

FLASH SALE ALERT: Feb. 23-26th, $0.99, EBOOK SALE “NOURISH, THRIVE,HEAL” WHAT PEOPLE SAY: “Living with Lyme disease can be devastating. Rika’s book will both educate and empower you to follow a successful path to health.” —Jeffrey A. Morrison, MD, CNS, The Morrison Center, New York City “For those with chronic Lyme and mold-related conditions, this is your comprehensive, wholesome, functional medicine-based book for Continue reading

LYME : GRAINS, GLUTEN and GENETICS – What You Want To Know!

Traditionally, prepared grains are a great source of fiber that supports bowel activity. They are also a source of B vitamins and essential minerals. If the gut is not well, digestion is weak, and if certain genetics are in play, grains can be extremely troublesome and are best eliminated from the present diet. Grains: Traditional Continue reading