Top – 7 FACTS ABOUT GLYPHOSATE: What You Need To Know When Living With Lyme Disease

Greetings! I know that I have mentioned the need for eating organic foods in the past, however after recent lectures with new information regarding glyphosate, it is really not an option to eat to commercially produced foods at home. If you living with Lyme disease, co-infections, mold sickness and autoimmune diseases, this matters greatly as Continue reading


Many thinks ticks only transmit Lyme disease. That is a MYTH. For instance , in the NE, Babesiosis is roughly 50% transmitted with Borrelia burgdorferi infections. The Powassan virus is another concern as it can be deadly if one is immune-compromised. There is no real treatment and hospitalization is essential early to try to survive Continue reading


“WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LYME DISEASE!” JUDY BLACK MEMORIAL PARK Washington Depot, CT Saturday: MAY 27th 11am Rika Keck, NY Integrated Health Holistic health consultant, FDN-P, ACN Author: ChronicLymeDisease.Me A comprehensive and holistic approach to living with Lyme disease Join Lyme disease expert Rika Keck for a health-talk at the Depot so you Continue reading

FLASH SALE ALERT: Feb. 23-26th, $0.99, EBOOK SALE “NOURISH, THRIVE,HEAL” WHAT PEOPLE SAY: “Living with Lyme disease can be devastating. Rika’s book will both educate and empower you to follow a successful path to health.” —Jeffrey A. Morrison, MD, CNS, The Morrison Center, New York City “For those with chronic Lyme and mold-related conditions, this is your comprehensive, wholesome, functional medicine-based book for Continue reading

GOT MOLD ISSUES? An excerpt from NOURISH, HEAL, THRIVE: A comprehensive and holistic guide to living with Lyme disease

An excerpt from Rika’s upcoming book: NOURISH, HEAL, THRIVE: A comprehensive and holistic guide to living with Lyme disease. Sign up to get on the email list to be notified. Available January 3rd, 2017, on Soft cover / ebook The Mold Factor …….Mold toxins wreak havoc on the brain and the body’s biochemistry. The Continue reading


With Lyme disease and co-infections, certain infections directly target the brain. The inflammatory process, including build of toxins and fluid disrupt regular brain function. Babies and children can be diagnosed with Autism (now 1:45 are diagnosed with Autism) or Spectrum-related disorders. Yet their brain is infected and inflamed inducing personality, behavioral, executive and cognitive changes. Continue reading

LYME : GRAINS, GLUTEN and GENETICS – What You Want To Know!

Traditionally, prepared grains are a great source of fiber that supports bowel activity. They are also a source of B vitamins and essential minerals. If the gut is not well, digestion is weak, and if certain genetics are in play, grains can be extremely troublesome and are best eliminated from the present diet. Grains: Traditional Continue reading

Lyme & Genetics, Skin Problems, Allergies, Mood Disorders, Detoxification Challlenges

When it comes to allergies or other respiratory ailments, adrenal and liver function must always be considered as they are connected like a triangle, beside food sensitivities, which can also be in the mix with persistent Lyme disease. Regarding liver detoxification, there is a specific process that can play a role in an inability to Continue reading