Rika Keck, Owner,
NY Integrated Health LLC

After an accomplished professional Classical Ballet career in South Africa, multiple trips around the world performing in production shows for a top cruise line, Rika Keck moved to NY. Since 1997, she established herself as an expert in sport-specific exercise, post – surgery rehabilitation and posture correction.

In 2006, she founded NY Integrated Health, LLC, a Holistic Nutrition, Exercise and Wellness company. The mind-body philosophy of the company is founded on Customized Nutrition, Exercise, and Physiological Stress Management. Her extensive Nutrition, Health and Chronic Disease education bridges the gap from Clinical Nutrition to Functional Medicine and she has established collaborations with like-minded physicians across the US. For more information, visit her website, NYIntegratedHealth.com.

In the last few years, she also expanded into extensive studies regarding environmental toxicity, chronic diseases of the 21st Century such as cancer, autoimmune illnesses, in particular the effects of nutrition, lifestyle and the environment on disease-inducing gene expression. Rika specializes in Pre-Pregnancy nutrition, Women’s Wellness, Digestive Health, symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, plus all other stress-related health concerns.

All illness related with chronic Lyme, co-infections and mold sickness is of special interest and this is clearly illustrated in her book, “NOURISH, HEAL, THRIVE: a comprehensive & holistic approach to living with Lyme disease.

In her practice she places great focus on the initial intake forms, medical history, objective labs and clinical findings. With her integrated problem-solving approach, objective lab testing is required to uncover various health challenges at causal levels. This ‘non-symptom suppressing philosophy’ facilitates long-term healing opportunities for her clients who benefit from improved quality of life.

With her extensive knowledge in physiology, metabolic function and chronic inflammation, Rika is a valuable bridge between the physician and the patient. It is her passion and she feels that many need to know the bigger picture beyond Lyme and mold illnesses – and why they might not get better despite treatment.

“Rika has amassed a great body of knowledge at her own expense, motivated by one passion: to help people heal. Supporting the Patient with Chronic Lyme, offering lifestyle strategies to heal Lyme and environmental illness, represents only the beginning of what she is capable of sharing. I have experienced Rika’s personal client involvement first hand, and I can say that her book is an expansion of the compassion and knowledge she brings to each individual client session.“ —Review by Linda Minarik, ACE-Certified Fitness Professional, author, Stretching with Ease, 2015 by CICO Books

Think of Rika as a trusted advocate, who can support any Lyme-treatment protocol, understands medical testing and lab reports, and knows about the collateral damage from long-term antibiotic or medication use. As a Personalized Wellness Advocate, she is an impassioned and knowledgeable speaker on a broad range of holistic Wellness topics including Chronic Lyme, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Examples include improved energy, empowered eating habits, weight loss, better sleep, energized work/sports performance, happier moods, and non-toxic relationships with emotional and mental well being. She addresses the person as a whole and is a trusted long-term health advocate for many of her clients.

As a Health, Fitness and Wellness Expert, Rika engages in the Corporate Wellness arena. She enjoys public speaking opportunities and interactive workshop presentations where she can share her knowledge with passion, sincerity and a sense of humor.

Rika is also an invited guest blogger on various health blogs where she shares her expertise on a variety of topics.

Rika also strongly believes in the mind-body connection. It is her belief that eating well, taking responsibility for healthier lifestyle choices, feeling well, looking great and operating from inner balance can result in motivation, empowerment and achievement of long-term goals.

Through her own experiences of past health challenges, available investigative resources and experience of being a ‘business woman on the go’, Rika herself is witness to the positive and healing effects of an integrated wellness approach. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking in Nature and cooking at home. Once in a while, she gets her ballet slippers out of retirement and “courageously” attends a ballet class.

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