Rika Keck, Owner,
NY Integrated Health LLC

Currently based in Washington Depot, CT

  • ILADS member
  • Founding member of the The Global Alliance ambassador community outreach program

In 2006, she founded NY Integrated Health, LLC, a Holistic Nutrition, Exercise and Wellness company. Rika has expanded into extensive studies regarding environmental toxicity, chronic diseases of the 21st Century such as cancer, autoimmune illnesses, symptoms associated with Long covid, in particular the effects of nutrition, lifestyle and the environment on disease-inducing gene expression. All illness related with chronic Lyme, co-infections and mold sickness is of special interest and this is clearly illustrated in her book, “NOURISH, HEAL, THRIVE: a comprehensive & holistic approach to living with Lyme disease.

She addresses the person as a whole and is a trusted long-term health advocate for many of her clients.

In her practice she places great focus on the initial intake forms, medical history, objective labs and clinical findings. With her integrated problem-solving approach, objective lab testing is required to uncover various health challenges at causal levels. This ‘non-symptom suppressing philosophy’ facilitates long-term healing opportunities for her clients who benefit from improved quality of life.

With her extensive knowledge in physiology, metabolic function and chronic inflammation, Rika is a valuable bridge between the physician and the patient. It is her passion and she feels that many need to know the bigger picture beyond Lyme and mold illnesses – and why they might not get better despite treatment.

Rika also strongly believes in the mind-body connection. It is her belief that eating well, taking responsibility for healthier lifestyle choices, feeling well, looking great and operating from inner balance can result in motivation, empowerment and achievement of long-term goals. She is also honored to have been asked to write another book: Nourish Your Brain Cookbook: Learn how to keep your brain healthy with 60 delicious recipes.

Through her own experiences of past health challenges, available investigative resources and experience of being a ‘business woman on the go’, Rika herself is witness to the positive and healing effects of an integrated wellness approach. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking in Nature and cooking at home. Since the pandemic, she has now committed to spending most of her time in bucolic Washington Depot, however her virtual business allows her for national and international clients.

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A comprehensive and holistic guide to living with Lyme disease